Feb 10, 2017

Testing, trials, prodding, ponderings

Damn. So many projects I want to go on but have to learn how to prioritize things. However, one thing is for certain, freelancing/working from home is a priority.

With that, I found myself setting up the game room as my new base of operation. Currently I'm writing a blog entry to not only clear my head but to hit on a couple things like doodling, writing, and getting a feel of I how it would be to work from home. 

Jan 28, 2017

Drawing from the beginnings?

So, I'm trying to get back into drawing again as one of the skills I want to grow for this year at the least. My old Wacom Graphire isn't playing nice with the Windows 7 and up, so I decided to get an Intuos Art. So far, pretty satisfied with it. 😏

Jan 20, 2017

Visiting back, 2016 Year End Review

So, its that odd time again. Got a lot of catching up to do both personal and geekery. So, let's go, 2016 Year End.

Mar 9, 2016

Nintendo Direct 2016

Been a bit busy for the past month thus the lack of  posts; I still have a couple post ideas on pending, so expect more to come. Anyways, this post would be just my thoughts on the most recent Nintendo Direct of 2016.

Jan 31, 2016

Nintendo Miiverse

Nintendo's Miiverse, while definitely not the best social site, I still like it for what it is. On this post, I'll talk about what I like and dislike about Nintendo's social platform. Nothing too deep, just shooting out some thoughts.