Jan 20, 2017

Visiting back, 2016 Year End Review

So, its that odd time again. Got a lot of catching up to do both personal and geekery. So, let's go, 2016 Year End.

Work, Health, Wealth?

Well, work has been "interesting lately" got in on a new post, was quite optimistic about everything... but somethings don't go as well as one would have hoped. Anyhow, as to everything, this would come to pass.

Health wise, my quick stint on the night shift quite messed me up but I am seeing the doctor for a checkup tomorrow to see what's what. As for the Financial bit.. not as fruitful as I was hoping when I started 2016. Hoping to get that to do list of mine started.

Oh yeah, I did however figure out a new scheduling of my free hours. Hopefully this would be more fruitful moving forwards.

Video Games and Hobbies!

Got the game room sorted a bit more, nothing major in terms of upgrades. My video game collection did grow a bit more. :)

While I'm not posting everything here, this are some of the stiff I got in close proximity (coz I'm lazy). I'm happy to say I got a couple more Mario games and even got the Famicom Classic Mini. As expected, the games were all in Japanese. Being the nostalgia purist that I am, I still with it even though there was NES mini available. Still happy with the decision. :)

Also, on a somber note my year old Wii U has been halted in production making way for Nintendo's new console. While I am a bit butt hurt about it, I still have a bit of games that I have lined up for the console. So I won't be giving up on the console for a good year or two.  

On a very unexpected event, I had the chance to meet one of fave gaming icons, IGA of Castlevania Symphony of the Night at ESGS. Damn, the dude is tall! I can't remember being this nervous meeting someone. Well, as seen above, I got some of items autographed. Sadly the 3DS XL autograph smudged off after a while. 

So, Nintendo finally got the Nintendo Switch presentation out last week. The console really looks promising, the features and the games line up. I won't go into the games but I am happy to see that on the onset there are a healthy line of 3rd party games and indies popping up showing the games they'd be having for it. While I'm excited for the whole thing, I don't have any plans of getting the console on launch, perhaps on the end of this year. 

So, 2017?

Checking back on my previous year end review post, out of the six, I got only one or two done, kinda. Yey? Well, that wouldn't really change anything though. While I haven't hit most of them, I am more aware with how my head works. I just need to build on my will power to get things done. With that, back to the list.

  • Grow other skills
  • Continue with exercise routine. 
  • Go to Japan

  • Get into the Stock Market
  • Build a retirement fund
  • Build an alternative source of income

Hmm, its practically the same list but can't really think of any other variation. Anyways, I'll be sure to check back after a year and see how I did. So, cheers for now. 

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