Feb 10, 2017

Testing, trials, prodding, ponderings

Damn. So many projects I want to go on but have to learn how to prioritize things. However, one thing is for certain, freelancing/working from home is a priority.

With that, I found myself setting up the game room as my new base of operation. Currently I'm writing a blog entry to not only clear my head but to hit on a couple things like doodling, writing, and getting a feel of I how it would be to work from home. 

So, here is my current setup; sitting on the floor. Not bad for a couple hours but I do need to stretch my back as I am mostly slouched over the laptop. I'll try improve the work area a bit more within the couple of weeks. Been also thinking of taking the couch out of the room to free up some more space. Things I am considering to get is a power plug extension cord (with USB sockets), a bean bag, trash bin, a catch all box, and a rug of sorts I can sit on. 

Well, that's that for now. Quite the short entry. I am a bit disappointed on how it took for me to put this together. P.S. I should learn to really proof read my work, this is the third time I edited this. Anyhoo, till next ramble.

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