Jan 25, 2012

SCI-FI Revoltech Series No.020 Skeleton Army

For bacon strips!!
Finally got my that Skeleton Army from Greattoysonline, had the thing last Sunday but didn't have the time to take pictures of it. I always had difficulty with the lighting in my room so I had to take photos in the evening. Anyways, the photos and my review is available after the break.

My Review:

The package is pretty much what I expected since I done my research. This is actually a version 2 of Revoltech's Skeleton Army. The general feel of the figure is light and seems flimsy due to it being a skeleton. Paint job, sculpt, is superb. The posability is awesome as expected from Revoltech although you have to be careful with it because of the tiny joints.

It has basically 3 sets of interchangeable hands, two shields (which are the variants opposed to version 1), two swords, a spear, a pillar stand and the skeleton torso that connects to the stand. One thing weird though, I didn't get the Revoltech Coin but its no biggie. 


 Sadly there is a couple of knit picks that I think they could have improved on. 
  • The joints used  aren't the famous (locking) Revolver Joints, I do understand why they went the smaller sliding joints due to the small limbs of the figure.
  • Since the joints are just sliding ones, the weight of the upper torso sometimes gets the figure to slump over. 
  • The stand is awesome but I thought they could have made some other way to make him stand more. 


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