Jan 31, 2012

Little Tokyo: Hana

Back at Little Tokyo Hana, wish I was earning more so I can eat more here, but I guess eating here from time to time makes it even more special. Last time I ate here was more than 6 months ago, i think. Anyhow, the thing that really pulled me back here was the menu. This time I around I was prepared to sit down and enjoy some good authentic Japanese food. :)

The original plan was to a couple of my online buddies and just hang out. The plan and arrangement was pretty loose, most of them wasn't able to come with but thanks to Kat and Toni we managed to push through. 

For my main course, I splurged on a whole (mix fried) Bento box just for me. It was a bit expensive but was an excellent treat. 

Kat suggested we get the Takoyaki and the mixed sushi platter. Both were excellent dishes but the Tokayaki's sauce was the best. 

And then there is the dessert, some nice shaved ice with ice cream on top. Not my dessert but this was the most decent shot available. 

Yet again, I am kicking myself for not taking more photos and planning ahead. Well, to compensate here are some silly photos of Bob* the Skeleton. 

*Bob is the unofficial name as of now suggested by Kat

Dead Sexy

Also, what the heck tree are you? 


Kat said...

Bob he shall remain hahaha.

We'll probably end up eating everything on their menu when we keep coming back. By then we should try the other places hehe.

Also, more money please.

Bakemono said...

Fine Bob it is... for now...

Kat said...

Bob na yan. :P