Jan 14, 2012

Skeleton Warriors

Damn it, I must get one of these buggers. Sadly the figure is a bit scarce to fin here. I'm sort of reviving my toy collection. Well, not really a collection but more of the things that I really really want.  In a bit, I'll contact a shop and ask if they can buy this for me. 

Video review (not mine) and links after the break.

Damn it, this made me really want one.

Anyways, I always had this fascination with skeletons as long as I can remember. The earliest memory with my amusement these boney fiends was this early Disney short where they were dancing in the graveyard. Back in the day my dad was an avid movie watcher, so he rented a crap load of VHS tapes and of course cartoons for me and brothers.

Also, I was mulling over getting this other figure, Revoltech's Protect Gear. The figure is kick ass and has a crap load of accessories.


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