Jan 18, 2012

Abobo's Big Adventure

8bits of Awesome, major nostalgia trip. :)

Finally, Abobo's Big Adventure! Play as that bad-ass henchmen from the Double Dragon series to save your kid Aboboy (yep, awesome name).  Go through multiple 8-bit worlds the NES era ranging from Double Dragon, Mario, Zelda, Megaman and more!


Been waiting for this to come out for a while now and I was pleasantly surprised to see it came from (or a least hosted as well on)  Newgrounds! It's been ages last I visited Newgrounds, I always loved the stuff they have ranging from animation, games and even music. Wow, even the Clock Crew is still alive. Awesome. 

Now going back, I have tried this game over the weekend and it was awesome fun! Best played with a gamepad of course. This is another free game on a Flash enabled browser made by indie group. Interesting as well, if you make a donation they'd be sending you a copy of game they made Aboboy's Small Adventure. Well, nothing more for me to add here but just watch the trailer below. :)


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