Apr 26, 2012

Focus, focus, focus...

Must play them all!!
Multitasking is a nice skill and all but its not something you'd want to use on everything. As it is, I lose my focus on most of the things I do. Now with videogames, not the best idea; especially if you're playing several games at one time. So this is quick list of the games I have yet to finish and want to finish.

First off, I love video games, it is more than obvious here on my blog. My day doesn't feel complete unless I play a game or two. Makes me wonder if I'm addicted to gaming, hmm..

Anyways, my typical gaming scenario goes like this. I play this one game and try another one (usually a newly bought one), then and get stuck playing the new or eventually move to another.  The original purpose of this exercise was to test if the game is working fine and all... but as any good game goes they tend to be addictive on the first part of the game. Now when I get back to the unfinished game I finding myself at a lost (especially RPG games) so I restart the game again and then a then a new game comes along, then goes back square one.

While I am thankful with the choices of games I have been playing, I miss the times where I was confined to one game and finishing it. The feeling of accomplishment of seeing how the whole story turns out and all is always great.

Well, here are the games that I have played and put down but never got back to finishing them.
I did leave out a few more games but these are the major ones for me to finish.


Kat said...

There's a console missing from your picture hihi. She says hi.

Bakemono said...

I know, hehe. :-P