Apr 22, 2012

Dungeons and Dragons Anthology Master Collection

Oh Dungeons & Dragons, I missed how much time I wasted with you. 
So this is the Dungeons and Dragons Anthology Master Collection. Seeing this in the local game shop, I had some slight reservations in getting it. I had copies of all the games here except for one but getting through the worlds they setup there had me buy this again. Also, my old CD copies are getting unreliable.

The trailer is ok, not much hype. I think the voicework here is by Jon St. John A.K.A Duke Nukem. Also, I checked out the official site from Atari for the game.. its so bland. Quite sad really...  It's clear that the aim for this package is for nostalgia and the older gamers that missed/miss playing these. But I hoped they put more effort into it. Well, moving forward....

The packaging is quite bare with two leaflets and two DVD discs for the games. Anyhow, the actual game manuals are all digital and on the discs but I really did wish they had these printed out. I do love manuals like those, it gives you a sense of further immersion.

The games when installed are working quite smoothly on my laptop running Windows 7. Since the games are over a decade old, practically any current computer rigs can run these without any issues. Previously these games were 2 - 6 discs, now they are just neatly bundled and loads a lot faster. However, the problem is here is the resolution of the games, some of them on 1024x768 at the most and 640x480 lowest but there is a way to fix that. :)

Now the thing I love about PC games is the modding community, since these games have been around the longest time there are tons of fixes, tweaks and mods. So here are the more notable ones.
For more of these, here are the direct links to their sites and others. 

Owning most the games before, I never got to finish them actually. The one that really want to finish is actually the whole Bladur's Gate saga. So I'm back playing Baldur's Gate 2 with my new character that I started off from scratch from Baldur's Gate around last year. 

I'm also looking forward to the Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition so I can then try a more evil path on my next character. :D


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