May 6, 2012

Biggest loser and gaming

Around mid-February some of my office buddies got into a mini-contest at work. Essentially, the rules are like the Biggest Loser (I never watched the show actually) that would run for two months and winner takes the cash prize.

What I thought to be a small contest with 8 people, blew up to around 20 participants (i think). With that, we had to go in teams now, pairs of two. The good thing about this was the cash prize went up as the pot money was accumulated from the participants. Everyone throws in P500 and the prize money was divided into several parts, 1st prize P6k, 2nd prize P2.5k and 3rd prize gets their money back. Also, there special prizes of P500 for the team that loses the most weight at the mid weigh-in and another P500 for the single person that loses the most weight at the end of the contest. Oh yeah, the weight loss here was computed as the percentage of your starting weigh in.

Funny though, there was this one team that everyone wanted to beat. I was also berating the organizer for inviting that team which I felt spelled doom for everyone. Anyways, to cut to the chase I started from 161.48 lbs and ended at 154 lbs. Not too bad, I don't think i'd be able to lose this much weight by myself. 

Although money is good motivator, although unified hate towards another seems to work pretty well for me at the least. Lol. Now to the routine, exercise and diet I went with.

Internet is an awesome tool get the stuff you need, if you had the time of course. So first up is the video above, it gives you a very nice idea of what to eat and not to eat. I did like one of the key phrase that people wanted, "Eat less but get filled more." So what I got from the show was these:
  • More Protein, less carbohydrates - fills you more and longer.
  • More (low fat) dairy - flushes out the fat when you take your "business."
  • Less portions - go for less food portions. Every bit helps.
  • Food Diary - or visual reminders, lets you review what you were eating.
  • Eat more Soup - liquids fills your stomach more, the solids in the soup takes longer to digest.
I followed the most of the things here except for the soup bit and the food diary. However, I did buy a digital weighing scale and jotted down my weight every morning.  Now to the exercise bit.

Even before the contest I did some routine exercises at home before working. I used to do some weights and that's it. Thankfully, we had this stationary bike from my grandpa and I incorporated into routine. At first it was just 5 mins every work day, then 10, 15 and now stable at 30 mins. The graphs; here are from the built-in pedometer of my 3DS, it helped a lot to keep track of how many steps I have taken using the bike. By the way, the spikes on the charts on the first two were weekend malling with my friends. Haha.

And now I pig out...
P.S. Lately I have been pigging out with sweets and all but still doing my exercise routine. I'm still at around 154 lbs average. :)


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Yiiihiiii! Congrats. :)