Nov 23, 2015

Puzzles at BGC

Puzzles Board Game Lounge

Another weekend done, pretty happy with how this went. Got some major chores done, some game time, and got to hang out with the usual suspects. This log would be just my thoughts on my first visit at Puzzles BGL at BGC.

Busy, noisy, and lots of laughter. Sweet.

First off, what is a board game lounge? The quick of it is, it's a place where they serve food and you get to play the available board games they have and just hangout. That's pretty much it. :)

What's great about places like these are you get to just hangout and have a good time with your friends. To be honest, I never been much into bars or pubs. They seem too impersonal for my tastes, friends shouting over the music and barely understanding each other.

Menu wise, they do have a good variety of food and drinks. They got the staples like burgers, chicken, pasta, chips, desserts, etc. They also offer beer too if you feel inclined to liquor up a bit.

This is what I ordered for myself and totally forgot what this is called but it was quite good for it's price. Also, I did get a rootbeer float later since we hung out late there. Hehe. 

Wall of games

On to the games, they have quite a collection here which seems to be more than enough for everyone to play with. They have the classics like Monopoly, Jenga, and Scrabble (well, I think they do). Of course they do carry the more geek-centric games like Cards Against HumanityKing of TokyoDixit, and more.

So we picked a Munchkin game, we had experience with the game before on a previous board game event but still had to read though the rules and all. A very fun game which is composed of running through a dungeon, beating monsters, getting loot, and leveling up. Now the fun part is players here can help or sabotage each other which is always a good time.


After 4 - 5 rounds.. I lost at all of them. Sigh. Well, at least it was still a fun game session. :)


The location is quite nice, good ambiance, good food and a great selection of games. Oh yeah, there is a P100 per person fee to cover for the wear and tear of the games, but that seems quite fair.

As for the nitpicks, they have a couple of short tables that were a bit too small for eating and playing games on. In hindsight, they might have been for kids but since there was no other tables available when we came in. It was also hard to call attention to the staff, either they were undermanned or wasn't paying attention. Lastly, there wasn't a visible game master to teach/help with the games when we were starting. We did notice a big guy (presumably the owner) doing some rounds around the tables but we already had a good grasp of the game rules by then. 

Overall, it's still a good place to visit and chill. I'll be back when I get the itch to play some board games.

My face after not winning at least once.

P.S. I really should be more mindful of the photos I take.. they suck. lol.

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