Nov 16, 2015

Komikon 2015

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For the past years, I've been skipping out on Komikon because I barely pickup anything there. My going to this one was more a rushed thing but it turned out quite well.

On a side note, I'll try to increase my blogs entries here. I already have a list of topics to write about. Now more ramblings on the break. Yey!

Comics, artists, indies, shirts, and more
Komikon as before is pretty laid back, not much crowds which was awesome. It's been held at the Bayanihan Center for a couple years now and I really like the atmosphere here. It's also nice for me to get out of my usual haunts to see what's in the Boni area.

Kiru Frany
It's nice to see how the local and indie artists are stepping up. I really should look into this a bit more on my free time. Also, as much as I would liked to have taken more pictures, it kinda felt awkward to take pics with the artists there and not buy anything.

Awesome postcards
Wish I look a card or something from this table, the mananagal and other folklore postcards here looks awesome. 

Planetary Studio
Also, this caught my attention. These guys looks promising. Loved the zombie Hulk.

Powerplay  Game Wear
My buddy from Powerplay Game Wear is still dishing out quality items as always. Wish I didn't have that much mugs at home, the Mario one he had looked awesome.

Lastly, here are my pickups for the event. Barely anything actually, but I did buy a couple things. Also, this picture would provide as a teaser for my next blog entry for an awesome show. 

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