Dec 18, 2015

TV5's Tanods

Finally, got around to write about this. What we have here is a locally made comedy web show, each episode running at around 10 minutes.  

So the quick of it is, we follow a 20 something kid dreaming to be a police officer but as a way to build up experience, he joined the Tanods of Barangay San Laan. As straight forward that may sound, we do have a nice mix of amusing characters. We have the aforementioned new kid, the laid back Barangay Captain, a female Korean secretary that speaks solely in Korean, a British fellow talking in Tagalog, and more. 

What I love about the show is it's fresh approach on comedy. None of that slapstick humor (maybe just a bit if any), no laugh tracks, and no humiliation type of gags. This to me is a more intelligent approach to humor and I love them for it.

This little gem came from the geniuses at TV5, the same people behind Kontrabando, a satirical take on the local news. While I going through their list of digital shows from their site, I saw a couple more shows that caught my interest which I'll try to write about. 

Well, enough of my blabber. Here is the first season of the show, I do hope they do a second season. Oh, one last thing on their Facebook page, they are teasing a Christmas special. Soo looking forward to that. :)

P.S. Limited edition Komikon goodies.. which I very much regret not getting...

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