Jan 1, 2013

My 2012 Catch up

HAPPY 2013!!
Its been practically half a year since my last blog post. I've been sooo lazy, I didn't even have the time   to post my Christmas Wish List. Anyhow, throughout the last months of the year big happenings uhm... happened. I really have to learn to write better.  Pfft.. just head on to the break for more ramblings.

P.S. Got that coin bank started around October 2011 and got it filled up by end of October 2012. Coin count is 345, all P10 coins.

Froggers 2012, till next time!
I guess the most significant event for this year was at work. As I mostly work in a BPO (Business Outsource Processing) we are on projects or divisions. The mother company of our division, after some kerfuffle with my now previous company, got up and established their own entity here locally. Definitely a good thing career growth. Sadly our little gang torn got apart but its not that bad. It's not like we're not going to hang out anymore. Till next time, froggers! :)

Now for the geeky side..

The show starting after we done our shopping ;D
So this was Collecticon for 2012. I never got around posting this properly but now seeing all the pics I took, it was easy for me to post. Had the usual suspect with me Kat, Ry, Yue and Chika.

This is my swag from that nice outing

It was very much a busy day for us, we went from several second hand shops and this or was it this place then the second hand shops. Hehe. Below is a slideshow of the pics of interest.

Then there was Christmas Toy Fair 2012...

As always, first day in the con. Less crowd hassle :D
With the usual gang but less Kat, she was still in the province. It was mostly a quick smash and grab. The con was on the same day as my company's Christmas party, so I was out well over 12 hours.

Pic of the swag right after the event and some gifts
A collection of the same stash plus more gifts from my Bday

This was some hot chocolate, literally. Thanks Kat!

Thanks for the gifts Yue, Chika, Ry and Kat. :)

Last but not least, a slideshow of the event albeit there are only so few pics.

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