Jun 22, 2012

Toycon 2012 (a somewhat late post)

So, it was Philippine Toycon again. This time around, I was pretty excited. For some odd reason, I knew I'd be getting some good stuff out of the event. Obviously I was looking forward to some nice toys and collectibles but it was sure nice to see my toy collecting friends.

Ghostbusters 6inch figures, so much awesome.
As expected, they have lots of sellers here from all over the metro. Some collectors, retailers, and even some trying to break into the geek market with shirts, hats and other trinkets. It was pretty much a nice geek mess for me. The are a lot of stuff to go through with, but since Kat, Ry, Yue & Chika opted to go on Friday so I was pressed for time. I had to push my work schedule a little later.

I was pretty happy with going in on the first day of this 3 day event. I feel I got best picks since the sellers were got their stocks fresh out. I did spend a considerable amount though surprisingly enough but just for a couple of items.

Here we have the Ghostbuster's HQ with the Ecto-One. Now the plastics bags on top and to the left,  they are filled with miscellaneous Ghostbusters toys and they come with the whole set. The dang set is being sold for P15k... I am a fan of franchise and all but P15k for old toys, that's pretty crazy.

I tend to pick the stuff I buy but sadly most of the ones that I like come in sets. The only ones I really wanted were the Boo-didly and Hammer bro here. Other than that, that's it. 

The place was packed with toys, collectibles, and more but even on the first day there were a lot of pickers. So barely got a good shots of the of the toy bins and I didn't want to risk taking pics of anyone's butt cracks. Although there were nice sculptured toys that were on display and of course we got good ol Pacquaio there too.

Above are some snaps of the other good stuff I saw from the Secret Fresh and Maxicollector stands.

And here are some more random snaps of toys and such, here is my Toycon 2012 slide show.

Finally, this is my haul from Toycon. It's not much but I'm happy with the all the purchases. One thing though, I do regret not buying an extra Lego skeleton. Thanks again to the Chika for the help on spotting the Famicom. 



Kat said...

Wait, wait. So much words! :P

Lego skelly! That's pretty cheap na, considering. Maybe next con we'll see them again and you can buy another one. Haha.

Best buy: Famicom pillow!

Bakemono said...

Yeah, long post for a change... and only now my reply. lol