Jun 12, 2015

Mid 2015, Back from wherever..

Hope, Anger, Avarice, Will, and Fear
Long time, no post.. a severely long time. Kinda been thinking of doing either a monthly post... most probably i'd bum out and do quarterly one instead.

Anyways, I'll try cram down some general goings-on to catch up on this.

Financial Awareness

Around 2013, I got myself into getting an insurance and then some investing. For a couple of years now I've been quite meticulous in my spendings. Planning out a budget, saving, and investing. I'm pretty happy with what I have set up so far but still need to get back into it more.

Gaming and gaming

Here is a snapshot of my drawer for my gaming collection, handhelds that is. So, I got a 3DS XL a year back and a couple of games for it and the NDS. Also had a retro gaming stint, bought me a couple of Gameboys and cartridges.

Here we got some board gaming, fun games with actual real people. Goes well with my new social group, 3DS Street Pass.

Smash Up is so far great game but I rarely get to play with it because of location and time constraints. They do have nice and interesting game expansions, something I am somewhat considering. As for Batman (a Love Letter variant, hate the name), this is a quick fun game. Barely no set up required, takes 5 mins or so per round. Looking forward to bringing this along more.

Gadgets and gear

A while back my first laptop (HP) conked out on me and got me this ASUS laptop. Here is my current gear. This ASUS laptop is almost 5 years old, not bad at all but its really been slowing down. I blame the system requirements of the new software. Anyways, I am actually thinking of getting a new one soon.

Now my current phone is an Xperia Z1 (i'm using this for taking pics) and its been performing quite well. Got a couple bluetooth headphones, one for everyday use coz its cheap and a Class A imitation and the other one for home. Finally, I have an iPod mini 7th coz of its bluetooth capability. It's a pain to load music on but decent for podcasts.

日本語 と 日本

Well, I'm back to trying to pick up the language. I think i got a decent studying habit going on but still need to improve on it more. Checking back on what I know before, I can say I have been improving. So that's a good thing.

Oh yeah, me and my friends are seriously planning to go to Japan before end of this year. That's also a good motivator to pick up the language quick. :)

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