May 19, 2012


Stumbled upon this a month or two back, I do love how some of my sites do cross-promotions which led me to this place. Anyways, RetrowareTV is a nice site with a collection of shows that (as you would notice on the logo) does reviews, articles and videos on Videogame related stuff.

Click more for some of my thoughts on the site and some of the shows.

Happy Video Game Nerd
This is one of the first guys I saw off Youtube and im happy to see he got together with a site like RetrowareTV so he can expand more. So what he does is he reviews good retro video games, this is in total contrast to the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN). Overall, fun watch and I do somewhat have an odd habit of going for reviews of the games/movies that i know are good. Maybe its just as affirmation that they are good. One of my fave videos here was of a fan translation for the game Sweet Home. More on this in the future.

The Gaming Historian
For those who loves to know a little history or back story of things video game related, this guy has a nice video collection on just that. He pretty much covers consoles, game franchises and the occasional odd topic too. Overall, very enjoyable and I do look forward for more of this works. 

Retro Beats Podcasts
When I was little I remember nuking my whole day playing video games to the point that I would hear the video game tunes in my head even if I was out. I was never really a music fan but as I grew up I cam to appreciate music more. With that intro out of the way, here is a nice radio request type of podcast that lines up tunes that people like me enjoyed during their gaming days. 

The Video Game Years
This show is a collaboration where all the guys from the site pitch in to go through the several years of gaming. Pretty fun show, they're just done the Year 1977 and I'm still waiting for them to finish 1978.

16-bti Gems
I tend to pick the shows I watch coz of my lame internet connection. To be honest, I was only to watch just a couple of his videos but overall I enjoyed them. As the name implies, it features great games from the 16-bit era. The one that I specially enjoyed was Rise of the RPG - A History.

Pat The NES Punk
Now this guy is pretty much known for his game collection. I have been seeing him on the Youtube but got to really watch him on one of the AVGN videos (Nintendo World Championships). I'm a sucker for old NES game reviews 

The Game Chasers
Finally this show features two buddies going over the US to hunt for retro games to add to their own collection. It sounds boring but after watching a couple of the vids, I finished their whole library. It is a fun watch and gives you some ideas on bargain hunting and values on some games.

Well, I'm done. There's a whole lot more on the site and I'm still going through them. I do have them on my RSS feed and still enjoying their works. :)



Carey Martell said...

Nice writeup for Retroware.

You might be interested in my website, RPG Fanatics. We focus just on RPGs but have several featured contributors. More importantly the site is a wiki database of RPG games, and allows users to submit their own video reviews, walkthroughs, let's play videos and more.

Bakemono said...

Sorry for the late comment approval. Anyways, thanks and checking the link. :)