May 5, 2008

The beard will devour you!!!

Can you defeat the beard!? Check out this excellently made game called Castle Crashing the Beard by Boom Toons.

I've been visiting and admiring the work they have on Newgrounds for several years now. Wow, didn't think it has been that long. They have variety of Flash based movies and games. They are mostly made up misc net citizens and is free for anyone to submit to. Now they have a gaggle of great animators and programmers there, but one of them is hitting it big.

Dan Paladin has this definite style that is soo simple but very appealing. Hmm, simply put its just violent lil toons thats makes you either go "awww" or "wow" (sadistically). Also, Tom Fulp (Founder of Newgrounds) had a key role with the programming for the games as far i know. All in all, its just all awesome.

Dan has several projects that flew off as exceptional video games (Alien Hominid) and now he is coming up with Castle Crashers. Damn, i wish this game would be released for the PC as well.

Oh yeah, here are some links and his great works:

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