May 4, 2008

8-bit Goodness!!

Earlier last week, I went and defeated Dracula for the second time on Dracula X Chronicles for the PSP. I had so much fun that I decided to go back to roots of Castlevania. Back to the 8-bit goodness that is NES (Family computer for us Asians).

So I went to load up the NES emulator for the PSP. As an added bonus i got to revisit all those classic games i loved soo much when I was a kid. I got TMNT, TMNT 2 Arcade, Contra, Super C, Dr. Mario, Metroid and so much much more.

I love the first TMNT game, it was damned difficult but i had fun playing through it. I remember how I use to draw maps for some levels; left the console on while eating lunch or dinner just for me to finish the damn game. I also recall the time where someone would accidentally kick the unit and of course causing the system to freeze on me. Fun times :D

PS: I just finished the TMNT this morning but with the aid of save states to get me through the harder levels. Haha. I'm lame.


kat said...

I hated it when it would freeze right in the middle of your game... and di pa uso save points noon! Gah.

Then you take out the cartridge and blow on it or something to make it run. Ah, good times. :D

Bakemono said...

I remember that all too much.
Haha, NES blow job. Sounds nasty. Haha.XD