Nov 5, 2007

Yet another video game ramble...

First off, I finally got to finish Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles. Got a 78% completion rate but got all the goodies unlocked. :D

Now, I'm off to Final Fantasy Tactics. So I thought... just now I got a copy of Manhunt 2. This is the controversial game from Rockstar Studios, it was said to be so violent that it earned AO (Adults Only) rating. Apparently, I got the retail version and I'm on my way getting the uncut (hacked) version that contains the "uncensored execution kills". Click here for the video clip.

I do enjoy a reasonable amount of violence but with the uncut version, it was mostly disturbing. Hoping no one goes on a killing spree inspired this game... and yep, I am getting old or growing up to be exact, being concerned with such things. Haha.

Oh yeah, as for the totality of game (given I only have the retail version); it was kinda repetitive and tiring. I might try to finish the game since I did waste my time getting it. Also, I found it amusing how the Destructoid peeps reacted to the whole thing. I'm glad they found this "torture porn" offensive and didn't even want to own a copy because of it, well the majority of them.


kat said...

Yeah, you're old. And getting older ^___^

Tactics is fun. Took me a while to get into the groove of it's gameplay, but once I did, :D

Bakemono said...

Yeah, FF Tactics is fun. Evil time eater. Hehe.

I'm currently circling on Silent Hill Origins and Castlevania SOTN. Wheee!