Nov 4, 2007

Final Fantasy

Ahh... I'm somewhat on my day off... I just had my left arm, uhm, fixed by a local masseuse. My hand had this annoying pain running down my ring finger, she said its due to a vein that got lodged in the wrong places. Well, its a bit better; I just need to avoid wetting my left arm.

Now for some videogame ramble; throughout the week I've been enjoying a series of clips called The Final Fantasy Retrospective. Ahh, the memories of just playing videogames all day... all the exciting adventures, the story and specially the characters they had. I love them bad-ass monsters. These video clips grew into 13 series that covered everything Squaresoft created or anything related. This ranged from the videogames (of course) to movies.

For me, still the best Final Fantasy was Final Fantasy VI (SNES) and a close second is Final Fantasy VII (Playstation). Oh yeah, you can even download clips. :D


kat said...

FF VI is still the best for me. :D Dammit, now I want to play again! ^_^

Bakemono said...

Whoops, had to tinker with my blog entry. Yep, FF VI is the best evah!! Hehe.