Sep 17, 2007

Revoltech, I want!!

Out of stress and wanting to get back in touch with my kiddie geek side. I wanted to buy a Transformers toy. At least, something I can leave in the office and toy with to unwind.

Now cometh, Revoltech. yeah, so corny.

Woohoo! Optimus!!

So, you wanted fries with that?

Now I find myself having these two. Hehe. Click here for more photos. Now, I'm planning to buy a third one, Mazinkaiser solely for the office, seriously, I hope.


Sigh, now I want to get a real camera. These action figures, they beg for a better camera!! Lately, I've been itching to get a hobby. Photography seems a good choice, but a bit expensive.



kat said...

Kahit naman ordinary camera, you can take good pictures. It's in the photographer, not the camera (though many people would say that photographer+camera = kick a$$!).

Well, at least your phone cam is better than mine. :p Nice toys!

Bakemono said...

Hehe, yeah; but still, I want a real cam. Haha.

Oh btw, there some cheap anime figures in the glorieta, in gold crest. 100 each... uhmm.. kinda cheap. hehe.

kat said...

I'm looking at some DSLRs... wish.

I want this.

Bakemono said...

Same here.. sorta. XP
My officemate recommends
Canon S3is. Unfortunately, the stocks on this are drying up, Canon S5IS is comming up. Sound like a better option. Hehe.

Final Fantasy Crisis Core!! Hmm... kinda got tired of waiting for that. Hehe. Oh well, hope its good :D