Jan 1, 2016

Wii U

Happy New Year! This would be my last post from 2015. Thinking back, I've got a lot to be thankful for but I'll keep those personal things off the blog or perhaps on a different entry. 

Anyhow, I just want to ramble on with my latest toy (sorta) bought around early November. :)

So, I finally caved in and bought this after quite a lot of researching... but I still spent quite a lot on impulse though. What we have here is the Wii U 32GB Splatoon Bundle which comes with Nintendo Land. As for the add-ons, I got a copy of Super Mario Maker (not shown here), the Wii U Pro controller, and the 30th Anniversary Mario Amiibo (Modern Color). 

Originally, I wanted the Super Mario Maker bundle but price wise, I had a better deal getting this Splatoon bundle. 

So, Super Mario Maker, the main reason why I bought the Wii U. On tangent, I really prefer physical media, especially if they have manuals or inserts. For me, it completes the experience and plus, it looks good on the shelf. 

As the name implies, here you create and/or play other player's created stages. So basically, you're getting an near infinite amount of levels. The game experience overall is what you'd expect from a Mario game. Yep, the above image is one of the many crazy creations from Mario Maker. I have yet to create a stage from scratch, been too busy playing the crazy creations from the other creators. 

The only gripe I have towards the game is, the coins and 1-ups are practically useless now since you just need to finish the stage. Aside from that, everything is gravy. 

Splatoon, Nintendo's new IP. I was quite hesitant getting this with the bundle as this was at its core a multi-player game and I didn't really see myself playing online much. Plus, my internet connection was practically laughable. Well, after a bit of poking around I found out that the game should function decently still.


And daaamn, I'm sure glad I went this game! Splatoon is full of charm and not to mention looks absolutely awesome with its use of colors. I'm still working on the single player mode but I did try the online play and it worked surprisingly well. I'm currently at level 7. :)

Finally, Nintendo Land. this is where the Wii U and all its features are utilized. Twelve games that can be played but some would require at least two players. Nintendo Land is an awesome party game and I can't wait to play this with some of my buddies.

Well, that's that. Also, it's kinda fun to get a console that is close to the end of it's life cycle due to the already built game library and a good chance of getting pre-owned games for cheaps. :)

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