Jan 18, 2016

My 2015 Year End Review

Looking back at my 2015, I can say it was quite productive and I do hope I can keep it up at the least. On this entry, I'll just discuss what I picked up and share what little nuggets of knowledge I have.

Power of Habits

Well, this is no new concept but it is nice to realize how powerful this is. Basically the idea is to perform a scheduled action or habit and build on this towards a goal that you want through small actions. The goals can be anything, lose weight, read more, learn a skill, etc. What I liked about this is the habit could be just small steps to your desired goal and eventually it builds up.

Now around the middle of 2015, I tried to build a habit of studying Japanese every workday at least an hour a day in preparation to our going to Japan. Sadly that the trip got postponed as well as my study. But on the upside, looking back at my progress, I did quite well. With that, I had some free time for different project which I’ll talk about shortly.

Planning and Mindful Actions

Ever since I got into financial budgeting, I also got into writing down things and planning them out. Originally this was just to track my expenses but the obsessive compulsive in me got around and used this to plot out a work week schedule. Every workday, I have approximately 4 - 5 hours of free time depending on the time I wake up. Anyhow here is my current break down.

  • 08:00 AM - Breakfast & Internet
  • 09:00 AM - Play time
  • 10:00 AM - Productivity
  • 11:30 AM - Exercise
  • 12:30 PM - Lunch
  • 01:30 PM - Go to work

The “fun” part here is the “Productivity” hour can be set to anything, I plotted this on certain days of the week to Money study, Finance Check, Book Reading, and Creativity. Now the catch is to keep at my self-imposed schedule. Now this where Habitca comes in and made my routine a sort of a game as discussed on my previous post.

Health Route (sort of)

After evaluating my goals, I had to replace my Jap studies with something that would benefit me not only immediate future but in the long run as well. This is where I started to do an exercise routine and yes, even this I logged things down. 

So I pieced my routine into basically two, Monday, Wednesday and Friday are for upper body which involves dumb bells, push-ups, and power bars. Then on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday would be for lower body which for sit-ups, abdominal exercises, and bike. I did some light research on Youtube to get some combination exercises which can fit into my schedule. 

This personal project has been running steadily since September. I am taking monthly pics of myself and I can see some progress but nothing too exciting. 

Wario!! P5 shy of 8k. :)
Now finally on the financial side, I don't think there was much of anything in terms of exciting news or changes. Although I am happy to see that I am still able to keep up with my obligations and still save for myself. 

Now, 2016 and Goals

Finally, as cliche as it may be but here is a sort of New Year's Resolution but maybe I'll call it my To Do List.

  • Go to Japan
  • Keep up the exercise routine for a year
  • Keep up my blogging (perhaps going into podcasting)
  • Get into the Stock Market
  • Build a retirement fund
  • Build an alternative source of income
Well, that's that. I actually wanted to put in to learn how to drive. It's actually more of a up coming necessity. Anyways, I'll check back on this after a year see how I did. Cheers!


Shabby said...

Congratulations on achieving your goals! :) Making and achieving goals do not have to begin at the year start. And, yes, the trick to realize the goal is to make a habit. I had several goals that were already very realistic, but it doesn't seem like I achieved any of them. I wanted to do so many things! Now I'm doing my best to make proper use of my time - especially doing what I love to do - whilst being mindful of myself, so I won't burn out like what happened in the early 2015.

Bakemono said...

Thanks Shabby, one of the main reasons why I actively keep track of my progress is to see what really happened and not to mention it's a motivator for me at the least. Good luck to us both on our goals. :)