Jan 31, 2016

Nintendo Miiverse

Nintendo's Miiverse, while definitely not the best social site, I still like it for what it is. On this post, I'll talk about what I like and dislike about Nintendo's social platform. Nothing too deep, just shooting out some thoughts.

So,Nintendo's Miiverse, as expected, it's quite family friendly as this would be mostly used by kids.  I haven't read the Terms of Use ( I don't think anyone does really) but I'm sure that as long as you use your head before posting or commenting you won't get in any trouble... sorta. 

Speaking of which, as this is still the internet, there are bound to be some questionable posts that get through. such the below links:

Going back, the service consists of communities for each game and/or franchise where people can post screenshots of that particular game and put in either a text comment or a little doodle.  You can also start discussions, ranging from questions, tips, maybe just expressing your opinions. Sadly, some communities are restricted against taking in-game screen shots such as Senran Kagura 2 for obvious reasons

Creating a new post is all done through either your 3DS or Wii U console. However, when using a computer or mobile device, your options are limited to starting a discussion, adding comments, giving "Yeah"s or basically "Likes"similar to Facebook. 

There are also official Miiverse accounts from Nintendo staff, game developers, and game journalists. It's kinda fun to follow them here they barely put any posts here as well. Most likely because there are far more better social media sites. A pity though.

Moving along, I primarily use this as a sort of picture log of the games I played. It's nice to see your progress and some moments that you fancied take a screenshot of. I have yet to really get into any socializing here, it's very slow and cumbersome and touchscreen typing is major hindrance. I do wish they can make a quick screenshot function where you can just easily dump pics and not have yourself log into service every time.

Now, one of my fave things here is the drawings. It's amazing to see how some people have gotten quite adept in using the 3DS/Wii U stylus. The doodles are sadly spread out in their respective communities in which the user was playing on. I do wish they made a sort of filter so you can easily see all the drawings made or at least the people to follow.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the Miiverse service is a good step for Nintendo towards utilizing the social aspects of the internet to their advantage but certainly they have a long way to go...

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