Sep 27, 2015

Last Quarter 2015

Awesome graffiti seen while going to work.

Right then, last quarter of the year now. I'll try to have this on a monthly basis coz i noticed I've been trying to just cram stuff here in one post. Hmm, but this may cause shorter posts. Oh well, lets see how this goes.

Self development


A month back, I stumbled up an audio book called Reality is Broken. Very good read/listen, it tackles the concept how life/reality pales in comparison to the virtual life and what to do with it. I'll go into more of this perhaps another time. 

Anyhow, what I wanted to talk about is Habitca. This site helps you to build habits through gamification. Basically, you create a character (presumably yourself) and assign tasks to be done in the real world. Once you finish you those tasks, you can cross it out and your character grows, like in your typical video game RPGs. You do of course get penalized if you miss a task. You can also earn virtual gold to be spent on your character for items. All in all, it's a fun distraction to get yourself motivated and caring for your virtual character. I'm currently a Level 12 Thief. Lol.

Currently, my tasks loaded here are focused on Health and Finances. I paused on my Japanese studies again since my trip to Japan has been pushed back to next year. Anyways, hopefully I can get back into that.

Gadgets & Gaming

New Laptop

Finally got me a new laptop, the older one was still working but was getting crazy hot and didn't want to have that burst into flame or anything. The new laptop, calling her エスッス (Esus), yes, kinda didn't think the name through. Anyways, the unit came with a free game from Steam and that totally opened a new black hole for time and money. Damn you Steam sales!!!

My current steam game list is Fallout 3 GOTY, Double Dragon Neon, Guacamelee! Gold Ed, Rogue Legacy, Broforce, Batman Arkham City GOTY, and Batman Arkham Origins.

Guilty Pleasures

Busty Ninja Action!

Lately, I've been diving into watching anime again, gone through a lot of my back log and it's been quite enjoyable. Gone through Full Metal Alchemist, Kill La Kill, Hunter X Hunter, and more. Now even more recently, two anime shows I've been watching just ended, Shimoneta, and Prison School. Notably, these last two are not for kids, in the sense that they are heavy on the racy type of fan-service

Well, this sort of jumped into my gaming as well. The shot above is a game called Senran Kagura 2 Deep Crimsoon Double D Edition. Yes, busty ninjas are present. It's kinda a big deal to see this out in physical form as the first game was only for digital release due to this more "healthy" art direction. I actually have the first game too, comparatively, this newest game trumps the fan-service of the first.

Oh almost forgot, I was fortunate enough to get a second hand Wii. Of all the games, finished there was OneChanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers. Based on the title, I'm sure one can deduce what the game is about. It's silly as it sounds but quite fun. Please don't judge me.

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