Nov 2, 2015

ESGS 2015

E-Sports and Gaming Summit 2015 at SMX
So, this is the first time for me to go ESGS or anything gaming centered. The entrance fee for what was there was kinda a bit steep but anyways still had a good time thanks to my buddies.

This entry would mostly consist of pics, so nothing really to read here. As if really writing anything. Haha. Oh, I did take a bit of pictures of cosplayers.. so that's a thing. Enjoy?

Me and buddies got in a bit early, not much people around yet. So that's a good thing. I wasn't too keen on taking pics of everything but here are the general booths that caught my interest and or pics that i didn't botched up terribly.

Now for some Indies! Been always a sucker for good start-ups.

Now these two games stood out for me. Both from Philippine game devs and currently out on alpha on Steam. Very nice. I'll try to discuss more on these two on a dedicated entry.


They're mostly focused on mobile games though, and me being the crusty old gamer that I am. I didn't bother to check. Hmm, I should have though, oh well.

We also got some tournaments going on but since we got in on the first day, this would be just preliminary matches and such. These were mostly fighting games like Smash Bros, Street Fighter IV, Guilty Gear, etc. There were also tournaments for MOBAs but didn't care for them much.

Desktop PCs I do miss having one

Now these sexy beasts are the custom built PC rigs. They do function well and seems quite souped but don't think these would last in my place with all the damned dirt flying around. Purtee to look at nonetheless.
Dancing with the Lin Kuei
Oh yeah, so this happened. Well, actually this is pretty normal for much for any conventions. 


Chun-li is distracted, it's not even Tuesday. P.S. You get a 100 geek points if you get my odd reference.


So cool of you guys to pose with a ninja that can rip your heads off. 

And now for the ladies...

Too bad I didn't get to get any free STEAM wallet codes. 

Who would win? Sickles VS daggers.

Now who would win between the two?

There was a Kasumi going around the area but I missed to get a photo. Oh well. 

Cute ain't she, now notice the power grip she is holding? Hehe. 

No smile for you civilian... 

Photobombed by whoever that guy is...

Oh yeah, an amusing comment by my friend as we were going home, "This is the cleanest convention he's been to for a while. No trash on the floor outside of the convention hall." That amused me quite a bit to be honest.

So, that's that. An obligatory picture of of my little take aways form ESGS.. 


CherryB Cosplay said...

For the Chun-Li Tuesday caption :)

will share this blog on my FB :)

Bakemono said...

That was beautiful. :')
Share away. :)

CherryB Cosplay said...

thank you! :)
i guess i won 100 geek points! \ (o.o,) /

Bakemono said...

Yes mam, you sure did.
Guess what? It's a Tuesday!