Dec 12, 2011

Real Keypads!! I missed you!

Woot! Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro! REAL KEYPADS!!! Ever since I got my first Android phone, the HTC Wildfire, I never got used to tapping on glass to send messages, call someone, etc. Most of the time I was typing gibberish and pressing backspace. Also, as I was making this entry I just realized that I never made an entry for the Wildfire. Hmm.. maybe I didn't really care for the unit. Anyways, sold it to my friend for a good price. :)

For my take on the phone and related ramblings, click on.

I'm quite happy with the overall performance of the phone. The full QWERTY keypad is a joy to use, the processor is fast enough for practically all of the games and apps available in the Android Market and its WiFi download speed is great. The battery life can last for one to two days with normal usage ranging from WiFi, SMS, and some multimedia. One thing that really popped out for me was the screen display, the phone is using this Mobile BRAVIA Engine technology that seems to helped a lot. Or maybe its just me jumping from a somewhat crappy phone. For full specs, check out GSMArena.

The camera is pretty good, it can take pics quite fast and the quality nice. Although, they could have made the camera button on the side a wee bit bigger. Anyways, here are some shots taken by the phone.

Side noteIt has been roughly 2 years since I got held up and lost my SE P990iI loved that damn phone, hope those buggers get their ass beat by Karma. I think that phone lasted me for 2-3 years. Sigh.

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