Jan 2, 2012

Bye 2011

Another year past. 2011, you have been most interesting to say the least. The crazy events ranging from natural disasters, revolutions, parties, new friends and old. I am quite thankful for the blessings I received but wish I could done more. I wasn't able to really much act on my 2011 New Year's Resolution, mostly half baked attempts but still I got to learn from them. Hit the jump for more personal ramblings. 

This 2012, I have a couple things in mind as to what to do next but I don't think I'd be putting them down here.Well... maybe just a couple things. 

First, weight and health issues. I'm 160lbs now, the heaviest I ever been and I can feel the weight and Im happy with it.

Second, acquiring new skills or improving the ones I have. Damn it... its so easy to write down but damn hard to achieve. Also, this means me blogging more and taking more decent pictures.

Third, earn more and save more. Today, I'll try to open a savings account and get into the whole saving up for the future. I'm so late to the party I know. At least I had fun with my money. 

Fourth, go out more. Be more social. Err.. hard to do still. 

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