May 8, 2011

Comic Cons of 2011

This is somewhat a long over due post from the last Comic Conventions. Thing with me with conventions, I tend to shy away from asking people/cosplayers to pose for me. Anyhow, I'll just dump a couple of decent pics and my swag.
This batch of pics came from Komikon, the place was way nice. Very organized more breathing space for everyone. I guess there was a whole lot less people but its kinda nicer that way. Slight prob is, tagalog lahat and im slow to read Tagalog.. di sanay. Haha.

And these are from Metro Comicon at Megamall's Megatrade Hall. The place was quite packed, lots of comics and toys. I wanted to buy a shirt there but the damn things were a bit expensive, P500 for the one I wanted. Oh yeah, the admission fee sucked, P120! 


Kat said...

Haha it's kinda lazy to write about these cons sometimes. Although it gets interesting because of the little things we see. :P

Hehe. Have you tried reading the book yet? :)

Bakemono said...

not at all... haha.