May 29, 2011

Lil-Tokyo Yakiniku

So this is Lil-Tokyo in Makati; well, one resto actually. We have been in the vicinity (mostly in Hana, best Takoyaki's ever) a couple times but never got around to take pictures and all. Here is a Yakiniku place called Urameshiya. As any Yakiniku place they let you grill your own food. Excellent experience I must say. :)

Here we were mostly waiting for the main course to be served. Got some veggies and iced tea (actual tea, not the sweet instant types) for starters.

And here is most of the gurb, the Ramen and the set meal. Kinda went lazy taking more pics after. Well, actually there is a bit more but this is the only thing I want posted on the blog. :D

Note to self: Must take pictures of everything when going to these authentic restos.

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Kat said...

Food adventures yay! Thanks for the photos! I'll grab some of them... when I feel like it hehe. :)