May 5, 2011

Nintendo 3DS!!!

Yep, that's right I gave in. I bought a Nintendo 3DS earlier than planned, last weekend to be exact. I was planning to buy this around late May due to the Nintendo eShop not being fully released yet. Anyways, I'm pretty happy with the purchase.

Got only one game which was Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition which was the only decent title available. One of my best purchases I would think. The game is pretty solid, everything you would pretty much expect from a fighting game. The online matches works well, I did have some problem with some lags on some matches but I would blame my lowly 60Kbs DSL connection. Oh yeah, I am using Zangief in the game as my fighter. :D


Now going back to the system. It has a couple loaded software programs like N3DS Sound (music player), AR Games, N3DS Camera, Mii, Maker, Mii Plaza and Face Raiders. So far, Face Raiders is my fave for the pre-loaded software. :D

And here are some pics i tried with the AR Games pics thingy. Amusing :P


Kat said...

Yiiiheeee! So what's the name? :)

Bakemono said...

wala, haha. The names doesn't stick eh... :P