Jun 30, 2009

The fuel for learning... sorta

Just got home around 12:40pm and just finished lunch, quite tired but that's okay. I spent my morning (after my shift) in the Japanese library photocopying a book for basic Kanji. The thing cost me around P230, but still a bargain I'd say. Now I just need to check for any missing pages and have them bound into book form.


Kat said...

What book did you copy?

Uy, Kanji na siya! Haha. I love studying that. Frustrating, but fun.

Bakemono said...

I took the "Learning 300 Kanji through Stories." It's more visual.

Actually, I'm just to get my materials ready for the future. :P

Kat said...

The nice thing about Japanese writing is that it's visual. You just have to memorize tons of them :p

Pa-copy hehe *mooch*

Bakemono said...

Parang puzzle sha, kinda makes me remember how I almost memorized all the Super Mario 3 characters. Haha.