Jul 11, 2009

Out all day.

Yesterday I was pretty much out all day after my graveyard shift at work. I went home to take an hour's worth of nap and off to Ortigas and then Makati.

Yesterday's hit list:

  • Contact lens

  • COE and BIR forms from previous work

  • Saizen goodies I still need more though.

  • Globe Tattoo

  • Monitor to TV converter price

  • Weighing Scale Going to opt out for now

I was suppose to buy a box of disposable contact lenses but didn't push with it. The nice optician advised me that if wanted to get an accurate reading for a new grade for my contacts, I should had some decent sleep or else the grade would be way off. They tried it still though, my 400+ eye grade to 500+. Haha.

As for claiming my "Free" Globe Tattoo wireless thingy, they apparently need me to photocopy of the receipt and my valid ID, and then cut off the bar code from my laptop's box. Geez, beginning to be a pain... urgh...

All in all, I got almost everything I needed from yesterday. Got stuff to do for today as well. I hope to be productive still.

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