Sep 18, 2008

Silent Hill 5: Homecoming

I'm such a Silent Hill fan, I can't wait till Silent Hill 5 is out. Even though I don't have a console or a PC to handle the thing when it comes out I'm still looking forward to it.

I decided to put up a the Silent Hill 5 widget, even though it's gonna mess up my blog's load time and template. It should contain some updates and nifty stuff and the like; up to its launch. Yey!

Oh yeah, more Silent Hill 5 media, courtesy of Gametrailers.


Kat said...

Ah, so that was what the big white rectangle was. Haha. I was wondering about it.

Wish there was a decent Silent Hill movie. I would love to watch that and be freaked out. :D

Bakemono said...

I kinda liked the Silent Hill movie, well, i guess being too much of a fan boy pushed it up. Hehe.