Sep 18, 2008

Nintendo Therapy

Well, i called in sick for the evening at work. I felt a fever coming in, coupled with a sore throat and a heavy head. Before things got worse, I decided to rest and give the office a call/message.

Throughout the eve I tried to drink a pot's worth of hot cocoa and a couple of glasses (tumblers) of water. I felt i needed to sweat out whatever toxins I had in me. Well of course, while I was doing that i enjoyed some vampire hunting with Eris. Eventually, i slept the majority of the night away though.

Now its morning, my body still feels stiff and my head feels like its slightly a little uhm, jiggly. Hope i get better for work later.

1 comment:

Kat said...

I want a cup of hot chocolate. Not the instant one, but Swiss Miss will do if I can't get the batirol kind. Tara, food trip tayo sa... Binondo. Connection? Haha.

Learned my lesson with the that chocolate tablet hahaha.