Sep 15, 2008

Picture taking session with Eris.

Just messing around with my cam on Eris earlier. I decided to pair her up one of my toys from an anime/manga that is unknown to me. I don't know the picture looks better with the toy. I kinda did what Dannychoo does on his blog.

Last Saturday as i was out, i went to Makati and saw some cute anime figures (just like above) and some of them are bought via them slot machine thingies... ugh, I can't remember the Japanese term for it. Well, going back, I remember buying mine for P200 but the one at the shop was 3 tokens (P50 per token) worth. So i'm giving it some serious thought :P.


Kat said...

Haha, unknown anime girl just because she's cute? Hehe.

I think I have one of those toy figures from those machines. I'll give it to you if I can find it.

Bakemono said...

I forgot what the term for the machines or the toys that come from it. It's not pachinko... its something pon something ... oh well.