Jul 2, 2008

Nostalgia Critic

Been a while since I posted anything here (again), that's why I won't be a good blogger. I'm just damn lazy... So here we go.

I've been pretty engrossed in the internet lately; Ever since I decided to move the PC to another room, away from the TV and my bed. On one of my posts I believe I rambled about a particular Angry Video Game Nerd, now he has nemesis; so enters the Nostalgia Critic.

Now, the NC (Nostalgia Critic) takes on mostly anything that would have any nostalgic value. This would be ranging from old cartoons, movies, songs and even books (one book so far).

However, the NC is only one of many characters this guy plays on his site. His humor is definitely slapstick in a looney toons way but with a good wit to it. It's all good fun. :)

As for the nemesis part I mentioned between the two. Check out these clips:
More Links (Fave clips from his site) :
Note: Yep, no doodle here for this entry. Sigh...

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