Jul 9, 2008

Must concentrate

Lately, I've been actively reading stuff on the net and blogging more. I've never been a wide reader due to my lack of concentration skills; I get easily frustrated and distracted. To suppress my pseudo ADHD, I moved my PC to another room downstairs. So there is no TV, no PSP and no distraction. Well, it seems be working well.


Olivia said...

The Angry Video Nerd, The Dark Knight, and Spike.com?

Hey there,

We saw that your site showcased some of the stuff that Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) from CineMassacre, James Rolfe, has done in the past. I thought you should know that he's back and doing a great new series of movie reviews exclusively with Spike.com. His first set of reviews? -All the live-action Batman movies ever made, ending with, you guessed it, The Dark Knight!

Part one went up this week. Check out it! The embed code is also included on the video if you think your readership will enjoy it too!

Bat-A-Thon Part 1 URL: http://www.spike.com/video/cinemassacre-movie/2999422

Check back continually for more farce from the AVGN.

Olivia “Jade” Lin
MTV Networks Entertainment Group
Digital Marketing Intern
(212) 654-5572

Bakemono said...

Thanks for the info Jade, :) I might just embed the vid just for the Nerd.

Kat said...

I wish I had an extra room for just the computer. As it is, the computer is right next to the TV. :p

Though probably my main wish for now is just to have my own computer hehe. :D Kelan tayo bibili? :D

Bakemono said...

There this Nettop desktop units that are suppose to be lower 15k. Very basic setup from what I saw on TV.

Kat said...

Ano specs? I need one that's pretty fast and heavy duty. ;) Got lots of programs to load hehe.