Jul 8, 2008

Dayo and Urduja

Dayo - Trailer

(Dayo -noun, verb) Meaning foreigner or visitor from another place.

I was never into the local movies and more so with our local animated films. More often than naught, they look like a rush job or feels like a rip off from another cartoon movie. The latest offering from our film industry was Urduja.

I haven't really seen it nor have I any urge to do so, but as far as I can see its just Pocahontas and the crew talking in Tagalog. Wish they had the balls to steer off and try a different art style that can be identified to be Pinoy made. A great example would be Pugad Baboy.

Now going back to Dayo; now this one looks different and looks to be promising. It has a distinct art style that seems to more original. With this one, I'm looking forward to watching it. I want to see how our Philippine folklore would fare in the animated scene.


Kat said...

Well, you already know what I think about it haha.

Eiga Sai na! :D

Bakemono said...

Hehehe, yep.

Eiga Sai, I looked up Click the City. The movies seem to be ok.

Kat said...

Rain recommends "Linda Linda Linda". I've seen "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" and that's quite fun. Hehe.

Bakemono said...

Hehe, Rain talaga. Film critic geek. Hehe.