Jul 17, 2008

It's soo ugly, its cute!! Plurk

I'm not much of a fan for joining sites due to the small annoyances it comes with it; passwords and more email to handle. I saw Plurk on AOTS perhaps a month ago and didn't go for it because I had Twitter already. Well Saber_kite was on it and I thought of giving it a go. It had this posting timeline stream that was certainly amusing to look at.

This is my Plurk creature.
"Who's the ugly cute creature! Haha!"

So here I am on day 2 and got to customize some part on Plurk. In contrast, Twitter was more on the serious side of Micro-blogging; its mostly simple text. Well, I am still keeping twitter but I haven't really updated it for quite a while now.


Kat said...

Demented platypus haha.

Plurk's fun. The interface and the customization is one of its attractions, methinks.

Bakemono said...

yep and I think it soiled itself. Hehe.

Kinda weird tho, I'm getting invites from people I don't know. *scratch head*

Kat said...

You can always decline. People invite a lot so their karma will increase. :p One of the girls who invited you is someone I actually know hehe.

Bakemono said...

Yep, I actually commented on her timeline and got invited. Hehe.