Jul 16, 2008

Batman Gotham Knight

Batman Gotham Knight - Official Trailer

Interesting how one would really pay attention to the smallest of details when enjoying something you like. Well, that's the case when I was watching Batman Gotham Knight. Very much like Animatrix, there were several stories in this one. Each was handled by different teams. Though for me, not everything was the kick-ass-greatness but I liked the whole movie nonetheless.

There are some lines/dialogs that caught my ear. Being a geek, I took them down and here they are.

Bruce Wayne: I'm willing to put my life doing what I have to. But it has to be mine, no one else's.
Gotham Bum: Hey bat, when you flying; what the city look like up on high?
Batman: It looks dirty.
Bruce Wayne: Even I can appreciate the attraction of a gun. The heft, the sleekness, the cool steel, the precision and the power. The power to change lives, history. The power of God.

Oh yeah, they got Kevin Conroy, to voice Batman. He is well know to be the voice of the bat throughout the majority of the DC animated universe.

I'm also looking forward to the soundtrack. :D


Kat said...

Batman is so effin hot. :D

Hmm, I see some familiar styles, but I'm not sure if it's the same team that did Ghost in the Shell.

Bakemono said...

Haha, hot. Hahaha.

I haven't seen Ghost in the Shell, the second one though. So you seen this already?