Jul 23, 2008

Interview day and a dilemma...

Random pic while on my job hunt; doodled on it using my SE P990i

Just a quick post. I've been out all day just for two job interviews. Geez, im currently on a dilemma; the one that has been plaguing me for the longest time.

Big Company
+ stable company with high pay, lots of tech things to learn.
- entry level, high-stress, schedule shifting, social life wrecker (as if I have any)

Small Company
+ non-entry level, low stress, fixed office hours, good for the social life (whats left it)
- low pay, nothing new to learn, company stability is iffy

Oh yeah, I haven't had any feedback from any yet. Damn it, I just worry too much...


Yvie said...

There's still a choice. Yours is too extreme lol! You could give yourself an option on the middle. Make up a story you like. Hehehe. I mean that's what I did. My pay's higher than the usual, maybe even higher than a Graphic designer. I don't know even. :) I resigned from my previous crappy job. I couldn't be happier :D

Btw, this is Tangerine from Plurk.

Kat said...

Me social life ka naman ah: Plurk, texting, the occasional movie haha. :D

Hay, I know how it feels to be in situations like that. It becomes such an agony I tend to talk to myself just to make a decision. I'm sure you'll get a break soon. :)

Bakemono said...

Thanks Yvie, thanks Kat.
Sigh, thinking.. thinking.. thinking...