May 18, 2008

Sweeney Todd

Once again, I am late to watch one of the great movies of 2007, or is it early 2008. Oh well. I just love Tim Burton's way of either breathing (twisting the) life into his works. I so love the visuals, lighting, textures, the overall mood.

Make no mistake, this movie is not for the fearful of blood. Well, it was an interesting combination, the fact it is a musical but a horror flick of sorts.

Also I enjoyed the songs, and how I wish I could get Sweeney's accent. I guess at least how they spoke in old London. Hehe.


kat said...

Haha, exactly the reason why I didn't watch the movie. Besides, I already knew the story, or at least the one where it was based on. Hehe.

Guapo ang Sweeney Todd mo ah, and he looks clean. On the accent, watch a lot of British shows haha. You'll probably get the accent sooner or later :D

Bakemono said...

Gwapo ba? Haha. Go check on my DA page, may new faves ako for Sweeney Todd. Galing ng art.