Sep 26, 2007


I woke up near 7am today, that was a bit early for me considering I slept around 2am. Well, all morning I was just wandering along the net. (I was actually itching to go work for OT but I didn't want to abuse it too much.) So here, all the the recent geek goodness I stumbled on.
I want these!! Gimme!!

Castle Crashers
Oh yeah, i soo love Desctructoid; They rock!!


kat said...

As my cousin Alfonso would say, "Darn these companies who keep making things for us to buy even if we don't need it!" And he's only eleven. Hehehe.

Bakemono said...

Aww, aint cute; and so much true. Hehe.

kat said...

But then again, this boy has a rich grandmother, uncle and aunts who can get them what they want. :p So he really doesn't have much of a problem really, unlike us. Feh.