Mar 16, 2012

Baldur's Gate Countdown

Countdown finished...
Earlier this week, there was a peculiar countdown on the Baldur's Gate website. Picked up the info from my RSS feeds, and this did get me excited. I love the Baldur's Gate series for the PC, best RPG series I ever played. Yet, I haven't finished them all. I have this nasty habit of restarting games if I left them idle for a long time.

Enhanced Edition.. hmm, so not HD?

Apparently they would be remaking both Baldur's Gate I & II!  Best part of it is, its coming out this Summer of 2012. Not that long of a wait then. I was hoping they'd mash the parts I & II all together but I think I'm hoping too much. I'm a bit worried though, there are rumors that is would be coming out for the iOS. I'm ok with that but I hope they have it for the PC as well. 

Update: They will be remaking Baldur's Gate I plus the expansion first then to the next. Also, this will be for the PC! Yey! More info from GameBanshee.


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