Feb 27, 2012

Garage Sale

Yep, that's my pale white nape there..
When I was a kid, my parents used to go around checking out second-hand shops, I remember one of them being as far Dau. My mom was into household items and my dad into books and magazines. As a kid, I rummaged through old toys but there wasn't much of any decent ones. As expected there were pretty much battered up. 
Oddly enough, it's pointing outside..
Anyways, now I've kinda reclaiming some of my childhood toys (mostly video games and electronics) but they are hard to come by. While I can easily get them back through internet purchases, it will most definitely drain my funds. Good thing I'm not obsessive on these... yet. Haha.

Me and Kat wasn't able to really go around the place because we were to meet up with Joiz and then go to Shabby's place for a little hanging out. The place is located near Evengelista Makati City, just near the Bankal Bangkal Fire station. There  are a clump of them within the area, but at a glance they mostly have furniture for sale.

I do plan to drop by next week early Saturday for some scavenging. I don't exactly have any plans of spending but there are some stuff that might be worthy of picking up. Also thanks to Kat for taking pics for me. :)

Second-hand shop's mascot?
What was originally a budget conscious hangout session, blew up to be an expensive dinner at Iishin Isshin with Dementia. Since its the first time I ate there, its fine.

Ebi tempura with curry rice
Always wanted to try curry rice, thought it would be really spicy but it was ok. Nothing great. Although next time, I won't be ordering this coz it just feels like I'm eating home. 

Yep, playing with the food again


Shabby said...

Too bad you didn't get to find anything in your second visit. Try again next week? :P I hope by then I can join you.

Btw, just a little correction -- it's Isshin and Bangkal. ^^

Bakemono said...

Yeah, too bad. It was a sad day for me. lol.

Thanks for the corrections. :D