Dec 15, 2010

My Wishlist 2010 - Updated

Well, this would b a quick and dirty wishlist... I'll fix this more later.

Now that I have time, I updated and cleaned up this blog post. This will be my wishlist for the end of the year. It doesn't have to be for Christmas only. Here it is.

Minor items that I'd love to get but not my priority.
  • Wallet doesn't have to be leather,just any with lots of pockets.
  • Super Mario Bros. Figure - I really want a King Koopa one but the PVC line I've been collecting from doesn't have a decent looking one. 
  • Cellphone case - one of those leather/plastic case that flips open.. for my HTC Wildfire

  • Ghostbusters logo sticker - wanted nice sticker I can post on my laptop so that my geek cred goes up 10 points!
Major items, things that are on the expensive side and things I'm planning to get somewhere in the future.
  • Mp3 player - 4Gigs memory storage or expandable & standard audio jack. :)
  • Camera - a simple point and shoot camera with a good macro lens.

  • Ghostbusters: Egon Spengler or Winston Zeddemore- from the Matty Collector's line.
Note to self: Need more practice on blogging and/or change to a different blogsite... 


Kat said...

I think I can find you the sticker. :p

You finally made it yay! (cozy)

Bakemono said...

Gusto ko malaki ha. :D

Kat said...

Nag demand pa *taser* did you check my list? :P

Bakemono said...

hehe, shempre. I have your list saved on my phone... just in case :P

Ryan said...


Bakemono said...

WTF! Urrgh... :&

Ria Jose said...

I also want Egon!!! :) Now I regret na di ko inalagaan yung giant Marshmallow man toy ko.

Ryan, LOL!

Bakemono said...

Hi Ria, thanks for visiting.

You had the Stay Puft?! *dies with envy*

Kat said...

I thought most kids had it LOL. Sayang nga eh, that and the Slimer would've been the ones that would last coz of the material used and the fact that they don't have parts.

Bakemono said...

Usually the parent bought the protagonists sherempre. hehe

Kat said...

Haha. I know I asked for the Stray Puft kasi cute. :p