Feb 21, 2009

Noodle Review?

I always put this off several times now but I guess I just have to do this. Its nothing eventful really. Just a small project for myself. So here I go, Bakemono's Noodle Review. Hahaha.

I got this Korean Noodle cup from the department store, worth P57.00. I had high expectations for this one, being of this price range.

The noodles were peculiarly thick; first time I got something like this to be honest. As for the other stuff inside, it had a shrimp thing and some swirly thing. Yes, I possess astute observation and description skills. As for the soup/sauce, it tasted ok. I wish it was a bit more tastier. Finally for the styro cup, I had a hard time drinking from it. It made me drool over the side a bit, but not much.

Well, thats that. This is first official suck ass Bakemono's Noodle Review. Hmm, i might do this every payday. Yeah, im poor. Hehe.


Kat said...

*claps* Not bad. A bit more description would work (that's my review of your review haha).

A lot of the imported noodles are in this price range, and like you, I'd expect them to taste better than what is locally offered. I tend to stick to the flavors that I feel taste ok, as opposed to trying out the odd flavors.

There's this noodle I used to buy all the time in college. Still looking for it but I know there's some around here.

Bakemono said...

Thanks for the feedback. I'll remember to be more descriptive. :D

There was this one in 711, a fave of mine. It had some brown egg with it. I always bought it because of it was more filling obviously. :P

Kat said...

Actually, I suck at writing reviews myself. Need more practice hehe.

Hmm, I should check that. I usually pick the Nissin ones over anything else. There used to be a lot of flavors for that in Shopwise Makati.