Feb 23, 2009

She - Chiptek

Picked this up from Game Music 4 All, gave it a try since it was a free download. I wasn't expecting anything great but I'm glad that I did, now its going straight to my MP3 player.

I'm not exactly into Techno/Eelctronica but I enjoyed this one enough to poke around their site some more. The music style has a definite J-pop feel to it, that might be the reason why enjoyed it so. There are also tons of free downloads to enjoy, so ill be trying them out and see if i can post about it.


1 comment:

Kat said...

Ooo, looks interesting. Hmm, not so much into techno either, but I remember listening to a Macross Plus OST back in high school so I think I can tolerate it. :D